Derry Garden Club
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2013 Derry Garden Club's Flower Show     (click)  
  • Club Flower --------- Forget - Me - Not
  • State Flower -------- Purple Lilac
  • State Bird ----------- Purple Finch
  • State Tree ---------- White Birch
  • State Insect --------- Ladybug
If you are interested in attending any meetings or would like to talk to someone from the Derry Garden Club, you are welcome to send an email to our Club President for more info.


  • Our annual Plant Sale will take place on June 4, 2016 from 9 am - 2 pm, at the Masonic Temple. For more information, please visit our Fundraising Page

  • We are pleased to announce the Derry Garden Scholarship. More info & application can be found HERE


    Community and club Activities  are a tremendous source of
    refreshment for the club members.

    Click here for some reasons why it would be beneficial to " join " a Garden Club.

    Fund-raisers  are necessary to engage speakers for the meetings and to contribute to community organizations. 
    Flowers, and other garden supplies are needed for contributions to recipients of our activities.

    Meetings are scheduled on a regular basis and incorporate professional speakers to elaborate on a particular subject.

    Many  Gardening Tips  are given by speakers and club members at these meetings.
    Formal meetings are scheduled on the first Friday of each month, except January and February. There are additional meetings according to the Club's needs.


    If you have suggestions or requests please advise us via e-mail     

    updated: April 29, 2016